Gluten-free fish & chips are Hobson’s joyful triumph in Soho

History of Fish and Chips in the UK

Fish and chips are synonymous with British culture, representing a delicious culinary institution that has delighted generations. The tale of this iconic pairing is woven into British history, stretching back to the mid-19th century. While it remains a topic of some debate as to where the first “chippy” truly emerged, the trade certainly began to thrive in London and the South East around that time. Charles Dickens mentions a “fried fish warehouse” in Oliver Twist, first published in 1838, painting a vivid picture of this beloved meal’s early popularity.

At that point, it was the deep-fried chipped potatoes that took the north by storm, while London revelled in fried fish. Eventually, these two elements fused to create the modern-day fish and chip shop. It was a marriage that gave birth to a national treasure, one that continues to unite people from all walks of life over a hot, crispy, satisfying meal wrapped in paper.

An Iconic British Classic Fish & Chips in Soho

Hobson’s Fish & Chips in Soho represents the finest elements of tradition while embracing modern dietary needs. The restaurant skilfully adapts this British classic into gluten-free options that retain the same distinct, comforting flavours. With many now seeking alternatives due to health or lifestyle reasons, Hobson’s answers the call brilliantly. They offer gluten-free batter that strikes a perfect balance between crunchy and tender, providing the same satisfaction as the classic coating while catering to dietary requirements.

This commitment to keeping fish and chips alive and vibrant, despite the rise of health-conscious diets, is what makes Hobson’s truly iconic. Their batter is not just a gluten-free alternative but a triumph of flavour, adding a satisfying crunch that complements the succulent fish within.

Quality Ingredients

When dining at Hobson’s, it’s easy to see that quality is paramount. Every aspect, from sourcing to preparation, is carefully considered to ensure a superior experience. The fish is sustainably sourced, reflecting the restaurant’s ethical approach to ingredients. Whether you opt for cod or haddock, each piece is handpicked and cooked to perfection, enveloped in a light gluten-free batter that enhances, rather than masks, the fish’s natural flavour.

The batter is a delicate balancing act, designed to cater to gluten-free in Soho without compromising on flavour. It’s a crispy and golden coating that makes each bite memorable. The chips, thick-cut and expertly fried, pair effortlessly with the fish, creating a meal that celebrates tradition while acknowledging contemporary needs.

Fun Fact:

Haddock is often favoured in Scotland and the north of England, where it is considered more “fishy” and soft, while cod is more commonly enjoyed in southern regions.

Hobson’s provides both, inviting diners to savour their preferred taste or try something new. Their tartar sauce is tangy and pairs perfectly with the crunchy batter, while the vinegar sauce offers a sharp, pleasant contrast to the richness of the fish. Each flavour is distinct yet harmonious, coming together like a symphony to celebrate the timeless tradition of British fish and chips.

Dining at Hobson’s is akin to taking a step back in time, where the traditions of old blend seamlessly with contemporary preferences. It’s like visiting an art gallery where classic and modern pieces hang side by side, complementing each other in a vibrant tapestry that tells a story through taste and texture.

A Soho Favourite

When it comes to gluten-free dining, Hobson’s stands out in the Soho food scene for its delicious take on this beloved British staple. The area itself is a lively mosaic of cultures and cuisines, but Hobson’s provides a familiar, welcoming haven for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re strolling through the vibrant streets of Soho or heading out for an evening with friends, Hobson’s is a must-visit destination.

The restaurant’s commitment to excellence has earned it a strong following, with regulars appreciating the consistent quality of the fish and chips. The gluten-free menu makes it a go-to for those seeking alternatives, without sacrificing the rich taste and crisp texture this dish is known for. With a dash of gluten-free beers on the menu and other mouth-watering sides, Hobson’s has truly become a beacon in the area.

Gluten-Free Delight

For those who have been put off by uninspired gluten-free meals elsewhere, Hobson’s will come as a refreshing surprise. They offer a perfect balance between gluten-free requirements and taste, ensuring that each plate carries all the traditional flavours with none of the dietary drawbacks. The fish is golden and crunchy, while the chips are fluffy and expertly seasoned.

The batter is the star of the show, providing a satisfying crunch while being light enough to highlight the fish’s natural flavour. It’s a testament to Hobson’s dedication that the gluten-free batter tastes so similar to the traditional recipe, capturing the hearts of those with and without dietary restrictions alike.

Authentic Atmosphere

Hobson’s isn’t just about great food—it also offers an experience. The warm, welcoming atmosphere invites you in and ensures your stay is comfortable. The cosy interiors, adorned with classic British decor, immediately set the tone for an authentic and relaxed dining experience.

The staff at Hobson’s bring a sense of hospitality that makes every customer feel like a regular. The space, though often bustling with activity, remains personal and genuine. This level of charm and hospitality makes it a perfect escape from the fast-paced world outside, providing a place where you can truly enjoy a timeless meal.

Customer Reviews

A quick glance at customer reviews reveals just how well-loved Hobson’s is. Visitors praise the restaurant’s dedication to quality, often noting the flavoursome fish and perfectly cooked chips. The gluten-free batter frequently gets a special mention for its delicious taste and crisp texture. Diners with specific dietary needs are also pleased with Hobson’s clear labelling and gluten-free alternatives.

Moreover, the staff’s friendliness and the restaurant’s vibrant yet cosy atmosphere draw in repeat visitors. The location’s accessibility in Soho makes it ideal for both quick lunches and leisurely dinners.

Plan Your Visit

To enjoy this unique blend of British heritage and modern dietary preferences, consider visiting Hobson’s during the off-peak hours to avoid the busiest times. The menu is packed with options that will cater to everyone, including gluten-free beers and sides that complement the main dishes beautifully.

The fish and chips portion sizes are generous, and perfect for sharing or enjoying alone. The restaurant also offers takeout, so you can savour their delicious dishes while exploring the lively Soho streets.


Hobson’s Fish & Chips delivers a gluten-free triumph, merging the best of British tradition with a modern twist. This iconic eatery not only celebrates the nation’s love for fish and chips but also caters to changing dietary needs, ensuring every customer leaves with a smile. From sustainably sourced fish to a crispy, golden batter that preserves all the flavour, Hobson’s proves that gluten-free dining can still be satisfying and delicious. Their charming, welcoming atmosphere is the icing on the cake, making Hobson’s an unforgettable part of Soho’s culinary landscape.


  1. Do Hobson’s Fish & Chips offer vegan options? Yes, Hobson’s offers vegan-friendly dishes on the menu.
  2. Can I enjoy Hobson’s fish and chips if I have allergies? Yes, gluten-free batter makes their fish suitable for coeliacs.
  3. Do I need to book a table at Hobson’s Fish & Chips? Walk-ins are welcome, but booking ensures availability.
  4. Does Hobson’s offer gluten-free sides as well? Yes, gluten-free chips and other sides are available.
  5. Can I take away my order from Hobson’s Fish & Chips? Yes, they provide takeout for those who prefer eating elsewhere.

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