Cha Cha Roll

Cha Cha Roll

Soho's Innovative Asian Fusion


Cha Cha Roll, a vibrant new addition to Soho’s dining scene, offers a fresh take on Asian cuisine. Established recently by the creators of Dozo, this eatery stands out with its inventive approach to Asian flavoured rolls and SushiBurritos. Situated in the lively heart of Soho, Cha Cha Roll is not just a place to eat; it’s a culinary adventure, blending traditional Asian tastes with modern twists.

As you step into Cha Cha Roll, you’re greeted by an array of unique rolls, each paired with a specially crafted sauce that enhances its flavour. This focus on freshness and quality is evident in every bite. The ingredients are always natural, ensuring a genuine taste experience. The menu caters to a variety of preferences, making it a perfect stop for a full meal, a quick snack, or a bite before the theatre.

A New Take on Fast Food

Cha Cha Roll redefines the concept of “fast” food. Here, speed does not compromise quality. The rolls are prepared with care, ensuring they are always fresh and flavourful. The affordability of the dishes makes Cha Cha Roll an attractive option for those seeking quality food without a hefty price tag.

In the bustling streets of Soho, Cha Cha Roll emerges as a unique dining destination. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a leisurely meal, this restaurant offers a delightful experience. With its commitment to freshness, quality, and affordability, Cha Cha Roll invites you to join in the culinary journey – to come and roll with them.

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