Golden Union

Golden Union

Where Tradition Meets Freshness in Every Bite.


Located in the vibrant Poland Street of Soho, Golden Union has been the a quintessential British fish & chips comfort food since 2008. Over the years, our doors have opened to over 1.5 million patrons, many of whom have turned into loyal customers, drawn back by our impeccable food, amiable service, and unmatched value for money.

More than Just Fish & Chips

At the core of our offerings is the iconic fish & chips, a dish we perfect with every serving. To guarantee a meal that meets our high standards, each dish is freshly prepared upon order. Our commitment extends beyond just serving tasty food; we are deeply invested in sustainability. We proudly serve fish sourced responsibly from sustainably managed waters. And it doesn’t end there; such is our dedication to authenticity that every piece of fish on your plate can be traced right back to the very boat that caught it!

From the icy waters of the Scottish North Atlantic to the pristine Norwegian fjords, our fish is selected from varied sources, ensuring freshness and unmatched quality.

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