A Slice of Modern Sri Lanka on Soho


Step into Paradise and you’ll be instantly transported from Soho’s iconic Rupert Street to the vibrant streets of Colombo and Galle. This isn’t your typical dining establishment; Paradise is a celebration of modern Sri Lanka in the heart of London. From its design and hospitality to its food and drink offerings, every aspect is steeped in the energy and edginess of Sri Lanka’s cities, where the sprawling metropolis meets the jungle, beach, and sea.

Paradise Reimagined: Where Family Recipes Meet Modern Flavours

At Paradise, it’s not just about enjoying a meal; it’s about sharing an experience. The menu features contemporary curries, breads, hoppers and short eats that are designed for communal enjoyment. Relying on an ingredient-driven approach, these dishes are based on family recipes but modernised for today’s palate. This same ethos extends to the cocktail and infusions list, meticulously curated by bar head Erin Mulkerrin-English. Old-fashioned practices meet modern techniques, resulting in drinks that are uniquely Paradise. The wine list is equally exceptional, featuring an evolving selection of natural wines sourced from sustainable and organic winemakers.

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