The Nellie Dean

The Nellie Dean

Crafting Tradition, Pouring History!


The Nellie Dean, established in 1890, offers an authentic British pub experience tucked away in the heart of London’s vibrant Soho district. Easily accessible, the venue invites locals and tourists alike to its warm and lively atmosphere.

Just off Dean Street, The Nellie Dean specialises in traditional ales and has a curated selection of international beers, promising a refreshing pint for every palate. This well-loved Soho pub preserves the traditional charm of classic British watering holes. With its longstanding history spanning over 130 years, the establishment has become a celebrated institution in the local drinking scene.

Whether it’s to grab a quick pint or linger over a leisurely evening with friends, The Nellie Dean accommodates with its welcoming staff and cosy interiors. The pub is also conveniently located amidst the hustle and bustle of Soho, making it a fitting pit stop during a day out exploring London’s cultural epicentre.

Embodying the spirit of traditional British hospitality, The Nellie Dean is an essential stopover for those seeking the quintessential Soho experience.

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