W1 Curates

W1 Curates

Transforming Oxford Street, One Artwork at a Time


W1 Curates is a unique digital art platform that’s been transforming Oxford Street for over three years. Located in London’s busiest shopping district, it’s an easy-to-visit attraction for both locals and tourists, providing a unique blend of art and technology in a public space.

W1 Curates breaks the traditional confines of the art world by showcasing digital art on Flannels’ flagship store front. Displaying artwork from a wide array of artists, ranging from established names to emerging talent, the platform’s unique selling point is its commitment to making contemporary art accessible to all.

Through an ever-changing display of striking digital art, W1 Curates challenges the norms of public art, inviting passersby to experience art in a new, innovative way. By bringing art into a commercial, everyday setting, W1 Curates blurs the lines between high art and everyday life.

Visit W1 Curates on Oxford Street and discover a unique artistic encounter, where digital art and public space come together to redefine your shopping experience.

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