Unearth Soho’s Top Halloween Events: A Complete Guide

Halloween in London’s bustling Soho district is like watching a fireworks display—each event is a burst of colour, sound, and experience that lights up the night sky of your expectations. While many places in London offer Halloween events, none provides the level of thrill and extravagance that you’ll find in Soho. With the date set for Tuesday, October 31, 2023, the majority of parties will kick off from the 27th to the 29th. This article will be your companion, helping you to choose from the most enthralling events this Halloween.

Trivia: Did you know that the term “Halloween” originated from “All Hallows’ Eve,” the evening before the Christian holiday of All Hallows’ Day?

Karma Sanctum: Where Glamour Meets Fright

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a mix of opulence and spookiness, then Karma Sanctum is your go-to destination. Located at 20 Warwick St, this venue transforms itself into a wonderland of ghoulish glamour. The event spans from Saturday, October 28, 01:00 to Sunday, October 29, 01:00. It’s like stepping into a grand ballroom where Cinderella decided to invite Dracula. From top DJs to elegant costumes, it offers an experience that leaves an impression, lasting way beyond the witching hour.

Salsa Soho: A Latin Twist to Your Spooky Night

Imagine Halloween with a dash of Latin spice. Salsa Soho, located at 96 Charing Cross Rd, brings you the UK’s Longest-Running Latin Club Night in the heart of Soho. The event timings are from Friday, October 27, 16:00 to Monday, October 30, 02:00. Think skeletons donning sombreros and vampires doing the tango. This unique twist to the traditional Halloween setting ensures that your night is anything but ordinary.

Bar Soho’s ZombieLand Crawl: A Spine-Chilling Adventure

Want to be part of a thrilling journey that winds through haunted houses and devilish dungeons? Look no further than the ZombieLand Bar Crawl at Bar Soho, located at 23-25 Old Compton St. With over 1,000 enthusiastic participants last year, this event is the epitome of Halloween fun. Running from Friday, October 27, 19:00 to Saturday, October 28, 03:00, this bar crawl is not for the faint-hearted. But for those who dare, it offers an unforgettable night.

That’s the end of part A; the events described here are a testament to the vibrant Halloween culture in Soho. These choices are perfect for those who wish to be dazzled, spooked, and entertained all at once. And if the haunting melodies and vibrant visuals don’t leave you spellbound, the sheer energy of Soho’s Halloween spirit certainly will.

HERE at Outernet: A Queer-Friendly Spooky Gala

Do you fancy a night where inclusivity meets spookiness? HERE at Outernet is where you should be heading this Halloween. The event, taking place from Saturday, October 28, 21:00 to Sunday, October 29, 04:00, offers a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community to revel in Halloween fun. Think of it as the welcoming ghost of the haunted house, a spectre that invites rather than frightens. HERE promises a unique experience that includes London’s fastest-rising queer stars, making it a must-visit location this festive season.

Soho Halloween Cabaret at Phoenix Arts Club: A Petrifying Performance

Get ready for a night of mind-boggling stunts and awe-inducing performances. The Soho Halloween Cabaret at Phoenix Arts Club transforms London’s West End into a stage for the extraordinary. The cabaret brings together the crème de la crème of London’s performing artists for an evening of frights and delights. Located at Charing Cross Road, the event is set for October 27 2023. Death-defying stunts and aerial performances become the norm in this sanctuary for the dramatically inclined.

Family-Friendly Options: Trick or Treat for All Ages

If you’re planning a family outing, fear not. Soho also offers Halloween activities suitable for all ages. From simple trick-or-treating routes to more elaborate setups like pumpkin carving workshops, there’s something to entertain every little ghoul or goblin.

Food and Drink: Feast Like a Monster

No Halloween celebration is complete without an array of devilishly delicious treats. Several eateries in Soho go all out to present Halloween-themed menus. From ‘bloody’ beetroot soups to cocktails that smoke and fizzle, the dining experience becomes part of the overall Halloween adventure.

Safety Measures: Don’t Get Tricked

Lastly, while enjoying the festivities, it’s important to also stay safe. Many venues in Soho implement strict health and safety measures, ensuring that your only concern should be how to have an unforgettable eerie night.


From pulsating club nights to family-friendly trick-or-treating, Halloween in Soho is a smorgasbord of excitement and chilling fun. The multiple venues and themes offer something for everyone, making Soho the go-to district for a spooky good time. This article has shone a spotlight on some of the most tantalising options, helping you curate a Halloween experience tailored to your tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the dates for Halloween events in Soho? Events are mainly from 27th to 31st October.
  2. Is Karma Sanctum an adults-only venue? Yes, it’s for adults 18 and over.
  3. Does Salsa Soho offer kid-friendly activities? No, Salsa Soho focuses on adult events.
  4. How LGBTQ+ friendly are the events? HERE at Outernet is LGBTQ+ friendly.
  5. Are there special Halloween menus in Soho? Yes, several eateries offer themed menus.

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