British Board of Film Classification

British Board of Film Classification

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The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) plays a crucial role in the ever-evolving landscape of film, video, and online content. With the rapid expansion in how and where content can be accessed, the BBFC’s mission to assist children and families in making informed choices is more vital than ever. The organisation focuses on providing the necessary guidance to help families choose content that’s right for them and avoid what isn’t, ensuring a safe and suitable viewing experience.

The growth of digital media has made the BBFC’s role increasingly important. As the types and accessibility of content continue to expand, the BBFC adapts its approach to meet these changes, ensuring that families have the tools they need to navigate this diverse and expansive media landscape.

Reflecting the Views of the Nation

The BBFC’s approach is grounded in extensive experience, regular consultations, and thorough research, all aimed at accurately reflecting the views and concerns of people across the country. Understanding what matters to families is at the heart of the BBFC’s work. This insight is crucial in setting the standards that guide their classification decisions, ensuring that these standards are relevant and resonate with the public.

The integrity and impartiality of the BBFC’s work are paramount. Over its century-long history, the BBFC has established itself as a trusted and respected guide in film classification. This trust is a testament to the organisation’s commitment to its core principles and its ability to adapt to the changing media environment.

The structure and management of the BBFC are deliberately designed to support and reinforce its role as a reliable and impartial guide. This structure ensures that the BBFC remains focused on its mission to protect and inform audiences, particularly the younger demographic, in an age where media consumption is more varied and accessible than ever.

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