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Quo Vadis: Soho’s Premier Fine Dining Experience

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Soho London, Quo Vadis stands as a testament to the rich history and evolving food scene of this eclectic area. A storied site with a past as colourful as the streets it inhabits, these Dean Street terraces have witnessed transformations from a brothel to the residence of Karl Marx. Since 1926, when it first opened its doors as a restaurant, Quo Vadis has been a beacon of culinary excellence, navigating through the hands of luminaries like Marco Pierre White and Damien Hirst in the 1990s, to its current guardianship under the Harts Group.

This charismatic Dean Street address encapsulates the essence of old Soho. It’s a place where history breathes through the walls, offering a dining experience that’s both a nod to the past and a celebration of the present. The restaurants, under the creative direction of Jeremy Lee and his team, serve seasonal, regional British fare, a symphony of flavours that mirrors the diversity and dynamism of Soho itself.

Fun Fact: Quo Vadis translates to “Where are you going?” in Latin, a fitting name for a restaurant that has continually evolved and reinvented itself over the decades.

As you step into Quo Vadis, the ambience instantly transports you to a world where traditional charm meets modern elegance. The new red leather banquettes, crisp lighting, and contemporary wall art create an inviting and stylish atmosphere. The stained glass on the windows, now pared back, allows curious passers-by a glimpse into this world of glamour, where wine-swilling pals and oyster-slurping artists converge.

The Wine List at Quo Vadis is a journey in itself. It ranges from modest glasses and carafes to magnums and vintage treasures, ensuring that there’s something to suit every palate and occasion. Start your evening with a perfectly balanced pomegranate and Campari aperitif, or delve into the cocktail list, which boasts multiple-choice martinis, serious negronis, and punchy house creations. The elegant Earl Grey Martini comes highly recommended, a blend of tradition and innovation, much like the restaurant itself.

Quo Vadis also boasts three handsome Private Dining Rooms, beautifully appointed and meticulously attended to. These spaces, perfect for intimate gatherings or grand celebrations, mirror the ethos of the restaurant – exceptional service and unforgettable experiences. The dining rooms reflect the essence of the Private Club, an exuberant members-only space with two bars and its restaurant. From dusk till dawn, this club meets every requirement, offering an exclusive Soho experience.

The menu at Quo Vadis is a love letter to British cuisine. Dishes like goose rillettes with toast & cornichons, pepper & fennel sirloin, winter tomato, and a puntarelle, artichoke & anchovy salad are a testament to Chef Jeremy Lee’s commitment to regional and seasonal produce. The pear, stilton, bitter leaves, celery, quince, and walnut salad is a celebration of textures and flavours, showcasing the versatility of British ingredients.

For those Booking a Table, the experience begins with the anticipation of the visit. Quo Vadis is not just a meal; it’s an event, a sensory journey through the heart of Soho. Located near Tottenham Court Road, accessing Quo Vadis is a breeze, thanks to the efficient Public Transport system, including The Elizabeth and Central Line. This ease of access makes it a favourite for both locals and visitors eager to experience a slice of Soho’s culinary heritage.

Dining at Quo Vadis is like taking a stroll through a gallery of culinary arts, where each dish is a masterpiece, and every sip of wine is a brushstroke that adds colour to the evening.

Quo Vadis’s contribution to the Soho Food Scene cannot be overstated. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a cultural institution, a place where food, history, and art converge to create an experience that’s as rich and varied as the neighbourhood it calls home. It stands as a shining example of fine dining in Soho, a place where every visit is a discovery, every meal a celebration.

What Type of Food They Serve?

Quo Vadis stands as a culinary beacon in Soho, offering a menu that is a kaleidoscope of British cuisine. The focus here is on freshness and seasonality, ensuring that every dish tells a story of the British Isles. From hearty meat dishes to delicate vegetarian creations, the variety is astounding. The kitchen’s commitment to using local and sustainable ingredients translates into flavours that are both authentic and innovative.

Most Famous Dishes

Among the array of exquisite dishes, some stand out for their popularity and uniqueness. The goose rillettes, a rich and flavourful spread, is a perfect starter. The pepper & fennel sirloin is another crowd-pleaser, offering a succulent taste with each bite. For those who favour lighter fare, the puntarelle, artichoke & anchovy salad is a refreshing choice. Each dish at Quo Vadis is not just a meal; it’s an exploration of the rich tapestry of British culinary tradition.

Types of Wines They Provide

The wine selection at Quo Vadis is as diverse as its menu. From local British wines to international labels, the list is curated to complement the dishes perfectly. Whether you are a connoisseur or a casual drinker, the extensive wine list promises a perfect pairing for your meal. The knowledgeable staff are always on hand to recommend the ideal wine, enhancing your dining experience.

The Quo Vadis Private Club?

The Quo Vadis Private Club is a sanctuary within the bustling streets of Soho. It’s a place where exclusivity meets elegance, offering members a unique dining and social experience. With its restaurant and two bars, the club is a perfect spot for networking, relaxing, or simply enjoying the finer things in life. Memberships to the club are coveted, granting access to a world of luxury and refinement.

Recommendation to Visit the Restaurant

Visiting Quo Vadis is more than just dining; it’s an experience. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a casual meal, the restaurant offers something for everyone. The ambience, the service, and the food come together to create an unforgettable experience. A visit to Quo Vadis is a must for anyone looking to explore the best of what Soho has to offer in fine dining.


Quo Vadis is not just a restaurant; it’s a symbol of Soho’s rich culinary heritage. With its blend of traditional British fare and modern culinary techniques, it offers a dining experience that is both unique and memorable. The restaurant, with its vibrant history, exquisite food, extensive wine list, and exclusive private club, captures the essence of Soho’s dynamic and diverse food scene. It stands as a testament to fine dining, embodying the spirit of Soho and offering an unparalleled culinary journey.


  1. Is Quo Vadis suitable for special occasions? Yes, it is perfect for celebrations and events.
  2. Can I book a table at Quo Vadis online? Yes, online reservations are available.
  3. Does Quo Vadis have vegetarian options? Yes, offering a variety of vegetarian dishes.
  4. Is there a dress code for Quo Vadis? Smart casual attire is recommended.
  5. Can I become a member of the private club? Membership is available upon application.

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