Why Beak Street’s Mountain Restaurant Is a Culinary Must

Welsh-born chef Tomos Parry, a name synonymous with culinary brilliance, has once again captured the imagination of London’s gourmet scene with the opening of Mountain Restaurant in the bustling heart of Soho. Parry is known for his extraordinary talent in turning traditional Basque cuisine into a sophisticated dining experience in the heart of Soho. His latest venture is located in a spacious two-story building that was previously a fast food outlet. This transformation from a mundane burger joint into an exclusive dining destination not only highlights a physical but also a gastronomic metamorphosis. The restaurant offers a food critic-approved dining experience that combines the rustic charm of open-fire cooking with a modern and experimental menu.

A Culinary Phenomenon

Mountain’s exquisite dining experience is a testament to Parry’s mastery in the kitchen, a skill honed at the acclaimed Brat in Shoreditch and its offshoot, Brat x Climpson’s Arch. At Mountain, the culinary narrative continues with sharing platters that showcase a profound respect for artisanal ingredients menu, including a celebrated whole John Dory and an array of dishes that reveal a hidden complexity. Among these, the citric grilled vine leaves stand out, and their exceptional food quality is underscored by a mix of housemade curd and girolle mushrooms. Likewise, the raw sobrasada on toast, a top-notch culinary creation, marries the spiciness of Mallorcan sausage with the sweetness of honey and the sharpness of guindilla peppers, crafting bites of what can only be described as piquant genius.

Exploring Mountain’s Exquisite Menu and Ambiance

Mountain’s menu is an adventurous journey through flavours and textures, blending the familiar with the novel. Dishes such as Tamworth sow collar, turbot head, and cull yaw chops offer a bold exploration of gourmet cuisine in London, while the beef sweetbreads with violet artichokes and the spider crab omelette represent Parry’s commitment to culinary innovation Soho. A standout is the walnut bread with peach and bottarga, an unlikely pairing that epitomizes the restaurant’s philosophy: to challenge and delight the palate in equal measure.

The decor of Mountain complements its culinary ethos. A luxurious dining atmosphere is achieved through a harmonious blend of wooden elements and nature-inspired touches, eschewing the traditional white tablecloths of fine dining for a more relaxed yet sophisticated ambience. The option to dine upstairs offers diners a peek into the kitchen’s fiery heart, where the magic happens, enhancing the overall high-end dining London experience.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Tomos Parry’s unique dessert offerings at Mountain are often referred to as “pudding-land surprises”? This whimsical term captures the chef’s innovative approach to sweets, turning the end of the meal into an unexpected adventure.

Mountain’s approach to service is as meticulous as its cuisine. The staff, attentive and knowledgeable, play a crucial role in navigating the extensive menu. Their guidance is invaluable, especially when it comes to selecting a balanced array of dishes that cater to the table’s preferences, from starters through to the mains and sides. This personalized touch, along with swift attention to any hiccups, like the forgotten starter and cocktail, underscores Mountain’s dedication to guest satisfaction.

Signature dishes Soho at Mountain are not just meals; they are a narrative of taste, technique, and tradition, reimagined by Tomos Parry. Each dish, from the avant-garde starters to the substantial mains, is a testament to the chef’s philosophy of combining high-quality ingredients with innovative cooking methods. This culinary adventure, set against the backdrop of Soho’s vibrant dining scene, positions Mountain as not just a meal destination but a pivotal culinary phenomenon.

Soho’s Vibrant Dining Scene: A Home for Mountain

Nestled within the heart of London’s Soho, Mountain has quickly become a jewel in the crown of this bustling district. Soho, known for its eclectic mix of restaurants and bars, offers a vibrant backdrop for Tomos Parry’s culinary venture. In this dynamic dining scene, Mountain stands out not just for its unique menu but for its ability to harmonize with Soho’s energy while adding its own distinct flair. This blend of tradition and innovation makes it one of the best restaurants in Soho, attracting both locals and tourists eager to experience fine dining with a twist.

Indulging in Mountain’s Savory Delights and Signature Dishes

Mountain’s menu is a celebration of exceptional food quality, from savoury delights to signature dishes that reflect Parry’s commitment to culinary excellence. The restaurant’s focus on sharing platters encourages communal dining, a nod to the Basque tradition of eating together, making each meal a social event. Among the must-try dishes are the magnificent whole John Dory and the raw sobrasada, which showcase the kitchen’s ability to elevate simple ingredients into exquisite culinary experiences. These dishes, combined with the unique dessert offerings, ensure that a meal at Mountain is unforgettable.

What do you wear to visit this restaurant?

When visiting Mountain, the recommended attire leans towards smart casual. This dress code reflects the restaurant’s luxurious dining atmosphere while maintaining a sense of comfort. It’s about blending in with Mountain’s stylish yet relaxed environment, making it a perfect spot for both special occasions and casual meet-ups.

How to visit Mountain restaurant via public transport?

Reaching Mountain via public transport is straightforward, with Tottenham Court Road station being the closest tube stop. Served by the Central and Northern lines, and the Elizabeth line, the station provides easy access to Mountain, making it a convenient option for those looking to enjoy a high-end dining London experience. From the station, it’s just a short walk to Beak Street, where the culinary adventure awaits.


Mountain, Tomos Parry’s latest venture in Soho, stands as a testament to culinary innovation and exquisite dining experiences in London. With its unique blend of Basque tradition and modern flair, the restaurant offers an array of top-notch culinary creations that are both delightful and memorable. From its signature dishes to the luxurious dining atmosphere and impeccable service, Mountain is more than just a dining destination; it’s a culinary journey that reflects the best of Soho’s vibrant dining scene. Whether you’re a local food enthusiast or a tourist exploring London, Mountain is a must-visit for anyone seeking an exceptional meal in the heart of the city.


  • What’s the dress code at Mountain? Smart casual attire is recommended for diners.
  • Can I reach Mountain by tube? Yes, Tottenham Court Road is the nearest station.
  • Does Mountain offer vegetarian options? Yes, there are vegetarian dishes available.
  • Is a reservation needed for Mountain? Booking in advance is highly recommended.
  • Are there signature dishes at Mountain? Yes, including the whole John Dory and raw sobrasada.

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